Terms of use

In order to access Babel-school services, user has to accept and respect following provisions :
    Provisions relative to site contents :
  • Informations are elaborated in a collaborative way. So the webmaster disclaims responsability about accuracy, exactness and use that can be done with,
  • In order to preserve information quality, you agree that the webmaster can restrict, block account access or remove account,
  • personal information including mail, password, language subscription .. are strictly confidential and will not be revealed. However piracy cannot being excluded, and so the webmaster will not be responsible for intentional disclosure of informations.
    Provisions relative to behaviors :
  • compliance with basic rules of courtesy,
  • compliance with standard use of languages,
  • compliance with laws about contents. Moreover about offensive, racist, pornographic, defamatory, contents,
  • compliance with authors and performers rights.
    Provisions relative to data, rights and services :
  • to not limit or prohibit access to the site,
  • to not bypass site access rights,
  • to not access personal, sensitive or confidential data whose access has been specificaly restricted,
  • to not use services to make datas accessible to other,
  • to not engage in acts which intentionally compromise security and smoth running of the site,
  • to not usurp identity in order to access computing resources,
  • to not change or destroy informations belonging to other,
  • to inform webmaster about attempts to these provisions,
  • to renew periodically and keep secret password.